Monday, January 12, 2009

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Since the beginning of the last school year I have been anticipating the release of Activarena, the software package that will allow multiple pens on an Activboard. The Promethean website describes the Activarena as a pack upgrade that allow classrooms to “become dynamic arenas for team-based activities, projects, competition and group projects.” That sounds great… When can I get it?

The software updates of Activstudio which included the addition of a “Multi-User” section on the dashboard gave me the impression a release was imminent. The site currently lists it as being available for your classroom in mid 2008 and says to “Imagine the potential of two, three, or more students working together, or teachers working collaboratively with students at the same time.”

I can imagine it; when can I get it?

I watched the countdown on the prometheanworld website and assumed it was for Activarena, instead it was the new version of the prometheanplanet website.

The last update I heard was Activarena would be built into the new version of Activstudio set for release sometime early 2009.

Of course I want them to get it right before they release it, but at this point my expectations for this new software will be high given the wait.

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