Monday, January 12, 2009

In Search of a Video for Class?

Looking for a video clip to use in class? Youtube blocked? Try Teachertube (which Marlo blogged about last March) and Schooltube, which are two sites that strive to offer video clips for the classroom. The clips are screened for inappropriate content, and both can provide sources for video to support your lessons. Check out the Animaniacs 50 States and Capitals song included below. 
Teachertube and Schooltube can also be utilized to get ideas for lessons and see what other classes are doing. Both sites are free, but supported by ads.

If the network or the site is slow (which is my one complaint about Teachertube) or you'd like to pull in video from another source, the site will allow you covert an embedded video into a video file that can be played in Windows Media or Quicktime. There are some formats that are not supported but many are, and once you complete the process the link for downloading the file will be emailed to you when it is done converting. When I've done it, I've successfully gotten the email with the link in under an hour.

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