Monday, January 25, 2010


Many teachers I encounter in workshops have one desire for professional development,
"I want it to be easy to use, and I want to be able to remember how to use it after you're gone."

It's a tall order to fill sometimes. Effective use of some technology tools can take time and practice. However, it's nice when I can give them a resource that is both useful and easy to use. Photopeach is one of those resources.

PhotoPeach is a tool for creating online slideshows and basic quizzes without a lot of hassle; think web-based Photostory with a quiz feature.

There are really only two steps:
  • Upload and arrange your pictures.
  • Select background music from their catalog.
After the slideshow has been created you may choose to add multiple choice questions for each slide. That's it. I've heard some positive feedback from several teachers who work with a variety of subjects and ages groups.

Check out my basic Photopeach slideshow quiz below:

Where are we? on PhotoPeach

Photopeach could be a great addition to your tech resources, without investing a lot of time learning the program.

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